...It's All About You! - Your Life, Your Landmarks, YOUR Way.

We all have Landmark Moments in our lives:
 - Moments when we go over the waterfall

 - Occasions we can never repeat

 - Times when we’d like to feel blessed

 - Beginnings, endings, joining, partings

A Ceremony can help these important moments sink in.
Whether you have a religious faith or not, we can help you create a Ceremony for your Landmark, that will make it a special occasion which expresses what’s true and important for YOU.
Or maybe you’d just like an understanding ear to help you work out what you believe about life, the Universe, and everything.  We can do that too.

email landmarks@authenticspirit.co.uk if you think we can help

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We help you mark moments that matter

  • Weddings, relationships & civil partnerships
  • Hand-fastings
  • Funerals and Memorials
  • Baby naming, blessing or welcoming
  • New home blessings
  • Divorce, separation, other endings
  • New career
  • Leaving home
  • Retirement
  • Anniversaries and Wedding Vow Renewals
  • Pet blessings & burials
We also offer to accompany you when you need a "spiritual (or soul) friend", with spiritual counselling and prosperity work.

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We are Independent Celebrants...

...trained and ordained by the One Spirit Interfaith Foundation, to serve people of all faiths and none.  Our objective is always to help you discover or explore what's true and important for YOU, and to express that in whatever way feels best to you.

Becky grew up in the Midlands, and was raised in the Christian tradition.  Nowadays she embraces an inclusive and universal spirituality, and enjoys discovering and practising some of the the ways different traditions and individuals discover and express their connection with their higher self, soul or spirit.  Her mission is to hold the light to enable you to find what you're looking for.

Brendan is from London originally, and has spent over 35 years studying and practising various traditions and working in the area of personal development. His beliefs have become less easy to define and label as they have been refined and developed over the years, but the closest thing that fits is 'Mystic' as he feels closest to the Esoteric traditions, rather than the dogmatic structures that have evolved around them. He believes that 'there is no God, but God' and that she doesn't mind what name you call her by!